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Demon Sword Maiden revolves around a boy who was sent to a dark, mysterious parallel world in the body of his beautiful senior sister, Lily. The lone girl ran into the night parade of a hundred demons the very day she arrived; seeking survival amongst the warrior’s dispute in a chaotic world, and forging her own demon sword! This is an unimaginable other world adventure! Demon Sword Maiden.png

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 411 - Robinxen - 2021/06/15 16:30

I bought and started reading the 86 novels last night. I read through the first three in a few hours. They had me hooked. Also it was really hot and I couldn’t sleep so I thought why not do that since...

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 410 - Robinxen - 2021/06/15 16:00

Genshin update! Not an update for Genshin, but an update on my Genshin. So I’ve basically finished the new region. Not sure if they have an achievement for finding all the chests or not, if they do th...

Devil Evolution Catalogue Chapters 649 to 657 - CatatoPatch - 2021/06/15 11:29

649 to 657 are out! NOTE: The previous arc will have certain chapters either omitted or summarised, as voted on by patrons. The slice of life bits will skipped. Click the Link to Start Reading: » Chap...

Hero King Chapter 135 - NeedHydra - 2021/06/15 04:04

I tried posting for 12 hours but i guess im in high demand today. or this week or the past week ahhhhhhh. Click here to start reading: » Chapter 135 « This content is brought to you by Re:Library...

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Volume 2 Chapter 1 - Robinxen - 2021/06/14 17:30

It is ridiculous levels of hot here in the UK recently. Well ridiculous levels of hot for UK people in the UK recently. People from hotter areas probably think this is a cold afternoon but…well that’s...
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