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The strongest among the Eastern Nation's Six Swords. There’re not many legends about her. The only thing known about her was that she’s a Sword Maiden, the pride of Genji Clan in East Nation. But she rarely made an appearance. She also owns a certain eight-sided copper mirror.


A maiden with a fringe of midnight-blue hair framing a delicate pearl-white face beneath it. Has a pair of black eyes tinged with blue. Her eyebrows that hid under the fringe, when paired with her pointy nose and slightly open rosy lips, gave people the impression of a cold beauty.


She is obsessed for success and gains. But is seen to be kindhearted to people she liked.





  • Octagonal Mirror
  • Tranquil Bamboo-a Grade 6 sword


Genji Dojo[]

Kagami Lily[]

On their first meeting she treated Lily as any other person she met. But after their duel she invited Lily to become her training partner and grew fond of her. After a while she had feelings for her and declared to her that she like her.

Eastern Nation's Six Swords[]

Uesugi Rei[]